The High Cost Of Smoking These Days

tobacco costSmoking is literally burning a hole in my wallet… the price per pack and taxes are getting to be downright ridicules.

So, I switch to a cheap e cig and guess what? It’s not bad, pretty good actually. Was surprised that it curbed my cravings and satisfied my need to smoke.

If you smoke and are tired of paying $10 per pack, then go get an electronic cigarette, it’s so worth it to try. I actually like it better.

Since I smoked Marlboro Reds, I found an ecig that is similar to it (Green Smoke red tobacco) and taste just like it it’s crazy! The trick they use to getting that hard throat hit is that they use capsaicin in their e liquid to give a spicy taste thus mimicking the burn.  Pretty clever!

Halo Cigs Has The Best E Cigarette

Been searching for a good ecig brand and think I’ve found them, check out HaloCigs as they have a bunch of products that are trending and great reviews as well.  Their website is just awesome looking, you can tell they spent a lot of time to make a good impression just by visiting it.

HaloCigsThey offer the standard e cigarette and the tank type that uses fill-able e liquid as those are the step up for more serious vapers I suppose.  Went for the blue colored Halo Cigs G6 that came with 5 Turkish Tobacco flavor cartridges. A few days later it was on my counter, wow that blue really pops – it has some kind of rubbery coating on the battery (chose the manual). So put it together and took a hit, really nice! It lives up to the hype.

The reason I chose electronic cigarettes is becasue I’m just tired of the effects of smoking, the smell and cost is getting old. Still enjoy smoking, but now it will be vaping instead as these e cigs really hit the spot and can’t wait to try their other flavors.

They have a bigger Triton Tank (read this review of the Halo Cigs Triton) that looks wicked! More power and flavor options, they have a midnight apple e juice that looks delicious. That is in the future for me, plus a few more like Shamrock (a dark chocolate and menthol blend) e-liquid and a host of others.

Sure, I’ve tried a few brands and they were OK, but the Halo e cig just buries them wit their quality and great taste, plus the vapor production is pretty thick -  a bonus. The was my first encounter with a manual style battery, perhaps that it why there seems to be more flavor and vapor? After reading other reviews I think that is the case indeed.

Well made, great taste, and just awesome.  Surprised I don’t hear more about them. Perhaps more people will see this and discover what they have been missing out on.

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